Sports Nicknames - The Red Baron

Michael Schumacher, along with Lewis Hamilton, is one of the best Formula One racers to ever step out onto the track. The German is tied for the most Formula One World Drivers' Championship titles at 7 (with the aforementioned Hamilton) and previously held many of the top records in the sport.

Michael Schumacher illustration.  Profile drawing.  Avatar picture of the Red Baron.

Schumacher was not a one-team man, signing for Jordan, Benetton and Ferrari in his first 4 years. It would be the latter that he would stay with the longest and acquire his fame. This would also be where he picked up his nickname of "The Red Baron" among English media sources due to his German nationality and red Ferrari car. He would drive for Ferrari for 10 years before retiring in 2007.

But Schumacher's retirement wasn't to last. He reemerged in 2009 to race for Mercedes alongside Nico Rosberg. This round only lasted 2 years, but it still added to Schumacher's prestige. Over his career, he won a then-record 91 wins, had 68 pole positions and 155 podium finishes. He still has records to his name like the most fastest laps (77) and the most races won in a single season (13). Since his retirement, Schumacher has been a dedicated humanitarian, dedicating tens of millions to charity.

While Hamilton might have taken some of Schumacher's records, there is still no doubt Schumacher did it first. A man of many names ("The Red Baron", Regenkonig or "rain king" and "Schumi"), Michael Schumacher knew how to win a race.


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