Sports Nicknames - Poldi, Prince of Arsenal

Lukas Podolski is among the finest forwards that Germany has ever produced.

Lukas Podolski - Star football player from Germany.  Also known as Poldi and Prince of Arsenal - Illustration.  Drawing.  Avatar art.

Podolski started his playing career at the German football club FC Koln. He joined the team in 1995 as a 10-year-old kid. Following that, he moved to FC Bayern Munich. At Bayern, he played for the club's first and second teams. Podolski returned to his first team FC Koln in 2009. After staying at the club for another three years, Podolski moved to Arsenal in 2012. This was the period where he enjoyed most of his fame, as fans and the English press gave him nicknames that became famous worldwide.

Following that, he played for Inter Milan, Galatasaray, Vissel Kobe, and Antalyaspor. At the time of this writing he plays for Gornik Zabrze.



Lukas Podolski's nickname was "Poldi." He was known by the nickname all around Germany. The Polish-born German football player earned the nickname Poldi at an early stage of his career. As far as the back story is concerned, Podolski's first name was Lukas. However, the german teams already had a number of players named Lukas. Thus, Lukas Podolski became known as Poldi.

Poldi in German language can mean "People Brave like a Lion." Since Podolski had the heart of a lion and loved to dominate on the pitch, he was nicknamed Poldi.

Podolski was famous as Poldi around the whole of Germany. Fans, media, and teammates used the nickname Poldi to call him.

Prince Poldi:

Podolski had an aggressive and explosive shot that made him one of the most dangerous forwards of his time. Arsene Wenger described him as one of the best finishers he had seen. Based on his performances and achievements, fans started treating him like a superhuman.

Generally, that's the way fans love it. In this sporting extravaganza, Podolski's nickname Poldi evolved into "Prince Poldi". Since he ruled the hearts of his fans, they had no issues calling him Prince Poldi. The nickname became particularly famous during Poldi's time with Arsenal.

Prince of Arsenal:

An English variant of Podolski's nickname existed in the form of "Prince of Arsenal." Actually, Arsenal Fans had a key role in the evolution of the nickname Prince Poldi. To take things ahead, they introduced the English version of the nickname. Play cards and tweets calling Podolski "Prince of Arsenal" were common during the days of Poldi's time at Arsenal.

Achievements and Accomplishments:

Poldi won two Bundesliga titles with FC Koln and Bayern Munich. He also won the DFB Pokal during his time at Bayern. He remained the top scorer in Bundesliga in the 2004-05 season and was named FIFA's best young player in 2006. He won the Goal of the Year award in Germany in 2017.

In addition to that, Podolski won the FA Cup 2013-14 with the English Club Arsenal.

Ultimate Glory:

Podolski's greatest achievement was that he was part of the German Squad in seven major tournaments. This included the 2014 FIFA World Cup that Germany won. Other than that, he was also part of the German team that finished second at the 2008 UEFA European Championships. He retired as the third most capped player in Germany's history.

With 49 Goals in 130 matches, Podolski is also the third highest goalscorer in German Football's history.


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