Sports Nicknames - Belfast Boy, El Beatle, The Fifth Beatle

George Best was the world's first football superstar.

The illustration of the famous footballer from Northern Ireland - George Best.  Manchester United star.  Profile drawing.  Art.

George had the looks, personality and style. And he was a prodigy on the pitch. Even though he played in the age of fields covered with mud, he gracefully glided through opponents, dodging hard tackles one after another. Best was one of the top dribblers the sport of football has seen. The legendary Pele spoke about him as "the greatest player in the world".

George Best was scouted by Manchester United when he was 15 and he made the first team debut at the age of 17 in 1963. He was a highly technical player and an unselfish passer.

He was often called "The Belfast Boy" by the fans and media as Best was born and spent his youth in the capital of Northern Ireland. In one game against Benfica in 1966, he put on such a show on the pitch that the Portuguese media nicknamed him "El Beatle", which in English became "The Fifth Beatle".

Best helped United conquer European football in 1968. This was probably the highlight of his career.

George lived another life off the football pitch and that was a life of alcohol, women and fast cars. His celebrity and playboy-lifestyle eventually led to health problems.

After United, George played for teams all over the world, on every continent.

Internationally he played for Northern Ireland 37 times.

George Best died in 2005 at age of 59 due to health problems related to alcohol.


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