Sports Nicknames - Gazza

Paul Gascoigne is passionately remembered by many English football fans as one of the best attacking midfielders they've ever had. He could dribble, thread passes through tight defences, score free kicks and score incredible goals. Nicknamed Gazza by Newcastle fans in 1984, the name has stuck around and become iconic.

Gazza - Paul Gascoigne - English footballer - Illustration.  Profile drawing.  Avatar art.  Caricature.  How did the nickname come about?

FourFourTwo compared him as the closest the English ever got to producing a player of Diego Maradona's quality. In fact, whenever an English midfielder was displaying such talents for the next many years (such as Lee Clark), they would be named as "the next Gazza".

Gazza became quite popular thanks to his sense of humour displayed on and off the pitch, celebrating many goals with iconic celebrations. Playing the flute, the "dentist's chair" and others made Gascoigne even more popular with fans across the nation. He had his most successful years in the early and mid-nineties, winning an FA Cup with Tottenham Hotspurs, 2 League titles with Rangers in Scotland, and cup runs with England in the 1990 World Cup and '96 Euros.

However, Gazza's later career spiraled out of control somewhat. It was commonly known that he had trouble with alcoholism and other mental issues. Despite repeatedly being admitted to rehabilitation programs, Gazza continued his own troubles, including being arrested for possession of cocaine in 2010.

Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne remains a figure who is fondly remembered in England for his jokes and good attitude during his early playing days, just as he is remembered for his footballing skill. However, his later career and post-retirement days are a sad reminder that even the best of us can struggle with the life we live.


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