Sports Nicknames - T-Bag, Gary Nevilleov, The Little Bulgarian Weightlifter

Gary Neville, the Manchester United legendary right-back, is one of the most decorated players in English Premier League history.

Profile illustration of Gary Neville, the famous footballer also known as a little Bulgarian weightlifter and T-Bag.

Known for his professionalism and a quiet, solid and dependable nature, Gary Neville was not just a legend on the football field but also a charismatic character off it, attracting nicknames from his teammates that stick with him to this day. Among these, "T-Bag" and "Gary Nevilleov" have quite the stories behind them.

Neville spent his entire professional playing career with Manchester United, breaking into the first team in the 1990s as part of a youthful side led by Sir Alex Ferguson. Over a 19-year stint, Neville proved instrumental in Manchester United's dominance in English football. He helped the club clinch eight Premier League titles and two Champions League titles.

Neville was also a target for good-natured jokes among his teammates. His physical dedication, particularly his love for leg-heavy workouts, earned him the nickname "Gary Nevilleov, The Little Bulgarian Weightlifter," given to him by his fellow Manchester United teammate Paul Scholes.

Then there's the nickname "T-Bag," inspired by the character from the popular television show, "Prison Break." The name was given to him by Wayne Rooney, and it apparently stuck for years due to Neville's striking resemblance to the character.

Following his retirement from football, Neville transitioned to a successful career as a pundit. His on-screen relationship with former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher, often filled with the same banter that characterised his playing days, has become a central part of his post-playing identity.

Gary Neville has 85 caps for England.


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