Sports Nicknames - The Mister, El Artista, El Rompelineas

Frenkie De Jong is a Dutch football player who started his playing career at the age group level. He played for Netherlands U15, U18, U19, U20, and U21 sides before making his national team debut in 2018.

Frankie De Jong - Dutch football star - Profile illustration.  Drawing.  Art.  El Artista and El Rompelineas

His club career started at Willem in 2015 but was transferred to Ajax after a year. The transfer fee for the young de Jong was a symbolic 1 Euro. At Ajax, he grabbed his chance with both hands and established himself as the best young European midfielder. He made it to the Champions League semi-final and was also the Eredivisie player of the season.

In January 2019, he moved to Barcelona for a transfer fee of 75 million Euros and has been an important part of the side since then.


The Mister:

De Jong got his first nickname during his youth career. At one of the training sessions, his coaches spotted six different qualities that de Jong possessed. He could control the ball, run with it, pass it accurately, and had a strong shoot. This made him a bright young prospect for the future.

On the basis of his performance and skillset, de Jong got the nickname "Mister." His coaches had first floated the name that became particularly popular at the age-group level.

El Artista:

Frenkie de Jong has performed wonderfully well for Barcelona, and everyone seems happy with the young Barca star. After an impressive 2021-22 season, some journalists gave him the nickname "El Artista" which means "The Artist."

His goals have been praised as wonderful works of art, and he is the real artist behind them.

El Rompelineas:

"El Rompelineas" is another nickname that Frenkie got because of his amazing display of artwork, skill, and magic on the pitch. In one of the games, de Jong ran more than 50 meters to set up a goal and allowed the star footballer Lionel Messi to finish things off, who completed a goal made easy by de Jong's incredible run.

This got de Jong the nickname "El Rompelineas", which means "The Line Breaker."


In a relatively young career, de Jong has already won the Copa Del Rey, Eredivisie, and the KNVB Cup. He was also part of the UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season 2018-19. In the same season, he was the UEFA Champions League midfielder of the season. He was an important member of the Dutch side that finished second in the UEFA Nations League.

It is just a start for de Jong. It's a young career, and there is plenty more to follow for the star.


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