Sports Nicknames - The Predator

Francis Ngannou might not have the same sort of fame as Connor McGregor outside of the UFC, but inside the MMA world, he has made himself known. The Cameroonian fighter is currently the Heavyweight Champion.

Francis Ngannou profile drawing.  Illustration.  Art piece.  The Predator.  MMA Fighter.

Francis Ngannou didn't start pursuing a fighting career until the age of 22, where he started training for boxing. He set out for Paris to attempt professional boxing, getting arrested for illegal border crossing in the process. However, it was his first coach who turned Ngannou towards MMA. In fact, it wasn't until 2015 that the man who would become nicknamed as "The Predator" would make an appearance in the UFC.

Once Ngannou did appear, he made his presence felt. He won his first 5 fights, although he did lose the next 2 by unanimous decision. This would inspire Ngannou to go on a 10-fight win streak. Of the 3 losses that Ngannou has suffered, none have been by knockout. On the other hand, he has won 12 of his 16 wins by either KO or TKO.

Because of this record and the statistics to back them up, Ngannou is known as the hardest puncher in UFC history. The fighter has not forgotten where he came from, setting up the Francis Ngannou Foundation. This foundation set up and runs the first MMA gym in Cameroon, acting as a place for young people to feel like someone cares about them.

Francis Ngannou has risen from poverty and a potential gang lifestyle to the very top of the MMA world. It is a truly inspiring story, which will surely inspire many young fighters both now and in the future.


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