Sports Nicknames - Er Pupone, Er Bimbo de Oro

Francesco Totti is a name familiar to almost anyone who has followed Italian football for the past two decades. He is the second-highest scorer of all time in the Italian top league and has picked up many nicknames over his career. Il Capitano, Il Gladiatore and L'Ottavo Re di Roma. However, it's the two earliest one's that frame him as a child: Er Pupone (The Big Kid) and Er Bimbo de Oro (the Golden Boy).

Francesco Totti profile illustration.  Drawing.  Art.  Legendary life-long AS Roma player, also known as the Big Kid - Er Pupone.

These nicknames were fair, as Totti made his first appearance for Roma at age 16 before winning a regular spot by 1995. From 1997 onwards, he was awarded with the number 10 jersey and reached double figures for goals for the first time playing on the left wing.

From 1999-2004, Totti's role changed from winger to central playmaker, though he still managed plenty of goals. He bounced back and forth between striker and playmaker for the rest of his career, which lasted until 2017.

Totti won an impressive amount of silverware at a club that has not always challenged for it. A Serie A title, two Coppa Italias and a World Cup are the team awards he won, though he won plenty of individual awards over his playing career.

One-club players are rare to find in the modern game. Francesco Totti is the model of that player. Leading the team to success while performing whatever duty he was given throughout the years. No matter what name he was known by, Francesco Totti was a great player for the Roman club and Italian national team.


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