Sports Nicknames - Bosnian Diamond

Edin Dzeko is a striker who has made his name in the top leagues of Germany, England and Italy. In March of 2009, commentator Marjan Mijajlovic named him the "Bosanski Dijamant" (Bosnian Diamond) and the nickname stuck around to the 1.93 m (6 ft 4 in) attacker.

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Dzeko made his first notable appearances in Europe when he moved to VFL Wolfsburg in 2007, scoring 5 goals and getting 3 assists in his first 11 games. He was part of the team in 2009 that won the Bundesliga -the last non-Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund team to do so.

Such success brought him the attention of Roberto Mancini and Manchester City. In 2010, he moved to England for £27 million (€32 million). While he helped the team to 2 Premier League titles and an FA Cup, he was never quite able to get the starting position, so he left in 2015 for Italy.

His road took him to AS Roma, where he has scored 111 goals in 234 appearances. Not quite the conversion rate that he had at Wolfsburg, but still a very solid striker on his day. For his international side, Dzeko became the first player to score 50 goals for Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has also made over 100 appearances for them, making him one of the most celebrated players in their history (thus deserving of the nickname "the Bosnian Diamond").

While Dzeko might never again reach the promise he showed in those early days at Wolfsburg, one cannot deny his successes. He is a strong striker who can score with both feet and provide plenty of assists as well. An English and German champion who is a record-breaker for his country, the Bosnian Diamond should be praised for his career.


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