Sports Nicknames - Ederzinho

Eden Hazard is a creative dribbler, one of the best footballers of his generation.


Eden's both parents were footballers and his two brothers also play professionally. He made a name for himself playing for Lille, played his best football at Chelsea FC and is currently one of Real Madrid's galacticos.

Eden Hazard has pace, low center of gravity and is technically gifted. His trademark move is cutting into the middle from the left side and shooting on goal with his right foot. We have seen Eden score some stunning goals over the years using this method.

Playing for the Belgium national team, Eden Hazard is part of a golden generation of players which also features Romelu Lukaku, Thibaut Courtois and Kevin De Bruyne.

At Real Madrid his teammates have given him a Brazilian nickname "Ederzinho" in honor of his skills and creative style of play.


Early in his career, while playing at Lille in Ligue 1, Eden Hazard was the first non-French player to win the Youth Player of the Year award. And after winning it the following year as well, he became the first player to win the award twice. The night before his last game at Lille, Hazard hosted a party and got very drunk. The story is that he did not sleep that night and the following day he scored a hat-trick, while still buzzed from the night before.


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