Sports Nicknames - Tall Baller from The G, Dirk Diggler, German Wunderkind

Dirk Nowitzki is considered one of the best power forwards in the history of basketball and by many the best European player of all time. Being 7-foot tall with great outside shooting, Nowitzki literally changed the way the power forward position is being played.

Illustration of Dirk Nowitzki - Popular German basketball player - Profile art drawing.  The Tall German.

The German spent 21 seasons playing for the Dallas Mavericks becoming the only player who has played that long for only one NBA team.

Nowitzki led the Mavs to their first NBA Finals appearance in 2006 and, five years later, to their only NBA championship, winning the Finals MVP Award. He won the regular season MVP Award in 2007 becoming the first European player to do so.

Nowitzki is a 14-time NBA All-Star, four times he has been named in the All-NBA First Team, five times in the second and three times in the third.

The List of Nowitzki's achievements is pretty long just as the list of his nicknames. During his career, the German has earned the nicknames "Tall Baller From The G", "Dirty", "The German Racecar", "Bavarian Bomber", "Dirk Diggler", "The Berlin Tall", "German Wunderkind", "Dirk Savage", "The Germinator" and "The Big German".

He finished his career in 2019 as the sixth all-time scorer with 31.560 points.

During his career, Nowitzki was constantly playing for Germany winning the bronze medal at the 2002 FIBA World Championship.


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