Sports Nicknames - The Worm, Demolition Man

Dennis Rodman is a defensive legend in a league not known for being overly defensive. Having played for a total of 5 NBA teams and winning multiple championships with 2 of them (the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons), he certainly has some success to his name.

Dennis Rodman - The Worm - Illustration - Profile drawing - Art.

Rodman started his career with the Detroit Pistons, who he would play for a total of 7 years following his drafting from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. During this time, Rodman would establish his ability to shut down opponents and dominate defensively. It wasn't until Rodman's 3rd season with the Pistons that he actually won the NBA Championship, although he managed to repeat the feat the next year.

After Dennis Rodman's time in Detroit was done (during which he had picked up the nickname of "The Worm"), he joined the San Antonio Spurs. These would be 2 uneventful years. However, he then joined the Chicago Bulls. Here he would find true success, winning the NBA Championship for all 3 of the years that he played for the team.

Rodman's point results weren't ever anything special during his playing career. However, his defensive contributions and rebound statistics were absolutely number 1. Nobody could get near him in terms of the numbers that he was putting up. Part of this defensive career was made from antagonizing his opponents and clashing with both officials and other players.

While Rodman's post-NBA career has been... eventful, nobody can deny the impact he had on the league. His defending was outstanding, even if his behaviour wasn't. Such defense seems unlikely to appear again anytime soon, making Dennis "the Manace" Rodman truly one of a kind.


Dennis Rodman was also called "The Demolition Man" after the popular movie at the time.


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