Sports Nicknames - Non-Flying Dutchman, Iceman, Dennis the Menace

Dennis Bergkamp was a Dutch footballer with blistering pace, amazing dribbling and a breathtaking first touch.

Dennis Bergkamp illustration.  The man known as the Non-Flying Dutchman and Dennis the Menace.  Profile drawing.  Avatar art.

Dennis Bergkamp came through the famous football school at Ajax and debuted professionally for the club in 1986. He also played at Inter Milan and reached his peak during his Arsenal days under the manager Arsene Wenger, while in a striker partnership with Thierry Henry. Bergkamp was one of the best players of his generation. His technique was brilliant and drew comparisons to the legendary Johan Cruyf.

Bergkamp was a consistent goal scorer and he was hitting the net in style. His 2002 goal against Newcastle was voted as the best Premier League goal of all time. It was certainly the most elegant one; a touch of a maestro.

Dennis Bergkamp had several nicknames while playing in England. "The Non-Flying Dutchman" he earned because of his fear of flying. He was also called "Dennis the Menace" after a popular comic book. Some other nicknames he had were "Iceman" and also "Beavis" for resembling a television cartoon character.


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