Sports Nicknames - Coach Prime, Neon Deion, Primetime

Deion Sanders.

One of the most electrifying athletes in the history of professional sports.

Deion Sanders profile illustration /drawing.  Art.  Star NFL cornerback, also known as Neon Deion, Primetime and more recently Coach Prime.

Sanders was one of the greatest cornerbacks in the history of the NFL. His talents were utilized in other ways as well, as Sanders would frequently return punts and kick returns, as well as occasionally lining up on offense.

Sanders had blazing 4.27/40 speed, and he was nearly impossible to track down in the open field.

On top of that, Sanders was a two-sport athlete, as he also played professional baseball. Sanders' best years in Major League Baseball were with the Atlanta Braves, where he once hit .304 and stole 26 bases in a single season.


After his retirement, Deion Sanders worked as both a NFL analyst and a coach for the high school team which he founded (Prime Prep Academy).

In 2020, Sanders became "Coach Prime" when he accepted the head coaching position with the Jackson State Tigers.

Sanders' time with Jackson State was successful, as the school went 27-6 during Deion's three years at the helm of the program.

In December of 2022, Sanders accepted the head coaching position with the Colorado Buffaloes.


"Coach Prime" is known for his brash ways, though he has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success so far in his coaching career.

Sanders has been a master at recruiting, including flipping Travis Hunter to come to Jackson State and eventually Colorado.

If Sanders enjoys success with Colorado, recruiting will become even easier for "Coach Prime".


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