Sports Nicknames - Golazo, Witch from Denmark

Christian Eriksen is a professional footballer from Denmark, who has made his mark on European football by playing for high-profile clubs such as Ajax, Tottenham and Inter Milan.


Eriksen plays in a classic number ten role as an attacking midfielder, right behind the forwards. He can run, assist and comfortably shoot with both feet. He is capable of scoring spectacular goals, which earned him the nickname "Golazo" at the Tottenham Hotspur training grounds. It was Mauricio Pochettino who gave him this name.

Christian Eriksen is a playmaker who orchestrates the offense for his teams. He is always on the move, exploiting openings among the opposing defenders, which is especially effective in the second half when the game tends to open up.

Christian is quiet, relaxed and does not seek attention and recognition. He is currently playing for Brentford in the English Premier League after a remarkable comeback following a cardiac arrest he suffered while representing Denmark at the Euro 2020 tournament.


While playing for Inter Milan under Antonio Conte, Eriksen earned another nickname "Wich from Denmark" after an outstanding performance.


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