Sports Nicknames - Cinnamon, Canelo

Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan, also known as Canelo Alvarez, is a Mexican boxer with numerous achievements, records, and titles to his name. He will go down in history as one of the all-time greats.

Canelo Alvarez, also known as Cinnamon - Mexican boxer - Profile illustration.  Drawing.  Avatar art.

Over the years, Alvarez has competed in various weight categories. These include Welterweight, Light middleweight, Middleweight, Super middleweight, and Light heavyweight. His remarkable performances in all these categories have earned him a unique place in the record books.



The most famous nickname that Alvarez has is not because of his breath-taking blows or punches but because of his natural appearance. Alvarez is famous as "Cinnamon", a nickname which is commonly used to refer to people with red hair.

Alvarez got the nickname at a fairly young age. He started his boxing training under the guidance and supervision of Eddy Reynoso, who is a professional boxing trainer and established coach. It was Eddy who first referred to him as Cinnamon. Since then, the nickname stayed and became popular around the world once fame and glory took Alvarez in their arms.


The full name of Alvarez is Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan. Canelo means cinnamon in Spanish. Thus, the nickname is a Spanish version of Alvarez's original nickname. Canelo is also easier to pronounce than cinnamon.

Achievements and Accomplishments:

Over the years, Alvarez has proved himself at various levels and competitions.

In his career, Alvarez became the first and only boxer in history to become the Undisputed Champion in the super middleweight category. He has won some prestigious titles, including WBA, WBC, Ring Magazine, IBF, and WBO.

Thus, he is quite deservingly the undisputed King of the Super middleweight. BoxRec, The Ring, TBRB, and ESPN ranked him as the world's best active super middleweight boxer.


As far as Alvarez's professional record and career statistics are concerned, he has been absolutely sensational at this level. In total, he has competed in 62 fights utill now. In these 62 fights, Alvarez has won 58. These 58 fights included 39 knockout wins, which shows how aggressive, strong, and ruthless Alvarez is inside the boxing ring.


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