Sports Nicknames - Pastilha (Bubblegum)

Bernardo Silva, Portuguese football midfielder, is a title winning machine, having already won the leagues in Portugal, France and England.

Profile illustration of Bernardo Silva, the famous footballer also known as Pastilha or Bubblegum in English.

Bernardo is known for his exceptional ball control and dribbling. He makes intelligent decisions and has an excellent vision when on the field.

His teammates at Monaco gave him the nickname "Pastilha" which means "Bubblegum", because he keeps the ball as if it's stuck to his feet, like bubblegum. He is also often referred to simply as "Bernardo".

Bernardo Sivla plays for the Portugal national team, and he was the Portuguese Footballer of the Year in 2019.

Bernardo is a 5-times English Premier League winner with Manchester City. Prior to moving to England, he was a champion with Monaco in France and with Benfica in Portugal.


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