Sports Nicknames - The Spider

Anderson Silva is a Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter, considered by many to be the best to ever step foot inside the octagon.

Anderson Silva - The Spider - MMA fighter illustration.  Profile drawing.  Caricature.  Avatar art.  Brazilian martial arts champion.

Anderson Silva started his martial arts journey on the streets practicing jiu-jitsu with kids from the neighborhood. He eventually became a taekwondo, muay thai and boxing expert. He also practiced capoeira, which he showcased before, during and after matches.

Silva got the nickname "The Spider" on one occasion when he wore a Spider-Man shirt to his fight and the announcer called him the 'Brazilian Spiderman'. The name stuck.

Anderson "The Spider" Silva was a true champion of the sport and is the holder of various Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) records, the most impressive one being his undefeated run of 16 fights. Silva has the longest UFC title reign and he appeared in 20 main events. His showboating stand-up style and taunting of opponents during matches with his guard down made him a fan favourite and a very entertaining fighter to watch.

Anderson Silva competed in the Middleweight and Light Heavyweight categories and is an absolute legend of the cage fighting sport.


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