Sports Nicknames - El Nino Maravilla (The Wonder Child), Dilla (Squirrel)

Alexis Sanchez played football for the biggest clubs in the world, such as River Plate, Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester Utd, Inter and Marseille.

Alexis Sanchez, nicknamed El Nino Maravilla and Dilla - Profile illustration.  Drawing.  Avatar.  Art.

Because his athletic talents were detectable at an early age, in his native Chile, Alexis Sanchez was nicknamed "El Nino Maravilla", which translates to "The Wonder Child." He was also nicknamed "Dilla" (short for Ardilla), or "The Squirrel", because of his amazing tree climbing skills, when it came to retrieving stuck balls especially.

Sanchez is a very quick and a very agile player. He changes direction swiftly, and one of the last things you want as a defender is him, in his prime, coming at you one-on-one. He is a dribbler, with a special skill of keeping close control of the ball even when running.

For his nation of Chile, Alexis has scored over 50 goals and helped the team win the Copa America twice in 2015 and 2016.


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