Sports Nicknames - L'Imperatore di Milano (The Emperor)

Adriano Leite Ribeiro is a polarizing Brazilian footballer who was considered one of the best in the world during his time at Inter Milan.


Adriano had a powerful left foot, which became iconic after gaining special status in the once most popular football video game Pro Evolution Soccer. He could shoot and score from every angle and he could dribble at a blistering pace. Nobody was able to take the ball away from him. Adriano was well-rounded, technical and had an eye for goal.

Adriano debuted for the Brazilian national team at the age of 18 and was considered to be the successor of Ronaldo. While playing alongside him, Ronaldinho and Kaka they were known as the "Magic Quartet".

At Inter Adriano earned the nickname "L'Imperatore di Milano", which translates to The Emperor of Milano. The name was given to him in honor of his status at the club and after the historical figure Hadrian, the Roman Emperor.

Adriano was destined to be the best, but his career spiraled out of control after the death of his father. He would testify that his love for the game was never the same after that moment.

The legend of Adriano will always live with the fans of Brazil and Inter, and what testifies to that is his induction into the Maracana Stadium Walk of Fame, next to names of superstars such as Ronaldinho, Pele, Romario, Zico and Garrincha.


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