Where Can I Bet on Emmanuel Macron or Marine Le Pen?

The finale of the French Presidential election will be taking place this weekend, as Emmanuel Macron is set to square off against Marine Le Pen.

2017 French Elections - Concept art.There has been no shortage of unbelievable events leading up to this Presidential run-off. The latest? A massive hacking of Emmanuel Macron, the details of which were released on Friday. There were a number of items in the hacking that painted Macron in a poor light, though nothing seems as though it will derail his train of momentum heading into Sunday's election. According to the latest polls, the young and charismatic Macron is expected to easily beat Marine Le Pen, the far right candidate who has attracted those who favour less immigration and less integration with the European Union.

Here are the odds for the Presidential election as of this moment:

Emmanuel Macron, -1000
Marine Le Pen, +600

According to these odds, Macron has about a 90% chance of winning on Sunday, while Le Pen's odds sit at a much more modest 16%.


To be honest, Le Pen has done well to make it this far, though she is very unlikely to win on Sunday, barring some sort of a catastrophic meltdown between now and Sunday. For many French citizens, Macron is the perfect candidate - a young, charismatic and optimistic person who lies more to the left, compared to Marine Le Pen's far right stance.


Best of luck! Sunday should be a very interesting day in France as the Presidential election in the country draws to a close.