UEFA Under-21 European Championship - Betting Odds, History, Past Winners and Favourites

Event Date: 2023.06.21 - 2023.07.08

In an attempt to expand the sport and give ample opportunities to young football players in Europe, UEFA has organized many age-group tournaments over the years. UEFA European Under-21 Championship is one such example, which is contested by Under-21 teams from European Nations. The competition’s official name is the UEFA European Under-21 championship. Other common names to refer to the competition include UEFA Under-21 Championship and Euro Under-21.

The UEFA Europan Under 21 Championship is often the tournament where the football stars of the future are discovered.  Bet on it!  -  In photo:  Young Italian player in posession of the ball.History:

Age group competitions started in Europe in the 1960s. UEFA held an under-23 football championship among the European Nations back then. The competition ran between 1967 and 1970 as the Under-23 Challenge Cup. This was followed by another age-group competition known as the UEFA Under-23 Championship. The under-23 championship was first held in 1973.

In 1978, UEFA revamped the tournament to reduce the age limit to 21 years. The under-23 championship was renamed and relabelled to the UEFA Under-21 championship. Consequently, the inaugural edition of the UEFA Under-21 Championships was held in 1978.

Over the years, the competition has regularly been held after every two years.

U-21 European Championship 2023 Betting Odds:

The final tournament of the UEFA Under-21 European Championship 2023 was held between June 20th and July 8th. England won the tournament, by beating Spain in the final with the score of 1-0. Leading up to the tournament the betting odds were as follows:

Spain U21 +450
Germany U21 +500
France U21 +500
England U21 +600
Italy U21 +700


The UEFA Under-21 Championship currently includes 53 teams during the qualification stages, with 16 teams playing in the main competition. The qualification period lasts for nearly two years. The knockout matches follow the qualification stage.

Currently, there are 10 qualification groups. Eight of these groups have six teams in them, while one of them contains 5 teams. The group winners qualify directly for the final 16 while the runners-up play the qualification play-offs. These top 16 sides compete in the knockout format.

Age Limit - How does it apply?

It is important to note and mention that the age limit does not apply with respect to the tournament finals. Instead, the age limit applies from the qualification stages. At the time of the beginning of the qualification round, a player must be below 21. The qualification round lasts for nearly two years.

Qualification for the Summer Olympics:

Another great feature of the UEFA Under-21 championship is that the tournament serves as the qualification criteria for the Summer Olympics.

Current Champions:

England won the biennial tournament in 2023.

Past Winners:

Over the years, a number of European nations have won the UEFA under-21 championships.


Over the years, Spain has been the most successful team in the history of the tournament. Spain has won a total of 5 UEFA under-21 European Championships, with victories in 1986, 1998, 2011, 2013, and 2019. The Spanish team also finished as the runners-up thrice in 1984, 1996, and 2017.


Italy has also won five editions of the UEFA under-21 championships. The Italian side won the tournament in 1992, 1994, 1996, 2000, and 2004. They are the only side in the competition’s history to win three consecutive under-21 championships.


Germany has won a total of 3 UEFA under-21 European Championships. Their 3 wins came in 2009, 2017, and 2021.


England won the tournament in 1982, 1984 and most recently in 2023.

Other winners of the UEFA under-21 European Championships:
Russia and the Netherlands have won the competition twice. Other winners of the UEFA under-21 European Championships include Serbia, France, the Czech Republic, and Sweden.