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The game of the week in the English Premier League this week will likely be the contest between Manchester United and Everton. This match will be played at Old Trafford.

Manchester United is desperately trying to stay ahead of a large pack of times that are directly behind it, including the likes of Tottenham, Sheffield United and Arsenal. Manchester United has its sights set on a Champions League spot, though they will have some work to do to catch the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea. Manchester United can not afford to drop any more games if they wish to stay in that race, and a home contest against Everton is a game that they must win.

Everton, on the other hand, is just barely above the relegation line, as they are just 2 points ahead of 18th place Southampton. A win against Manchester United would give the squad some much needed breathing room, while a loss would continue their slide.

Manchester United has three wins and two draws in their last five, while Everton has three losses and two wins.

Let's take a look at the odds for this December 15th, contest, courtesy of Bet365:

Source: Bet365
Time Stamp: December 10th, 2019 7:43 pm EST
Odds Subject to Change

Manchester United, 1.75
Draw, 3.70
Everton, 4.50

As you can see, Man Utd has the edge to win, though they are certainly not runaway favourites.


There are other big leagues in the world (La Liga, Bundesliga, just to name a few), though the English Premier League is still the crown jewel of the football landscape.

The graphic illustration the Odds for the English Premier League.

The Premiership plays host to some of the world's most storied and richest football franchises, including the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal. Ask practically any footballer in the world and they will tell you that one of their dreams is to find success in the English Premier League. The English Premier League plays host to some of the very best football players in the world, including the likes of Diego Costa, Zlatan Ibrahomivic, Paul Pogba and more.

Full Time Result

This is where you simply pick the outcome of the match. So, if Stoke is playing Swansea at home, the odds for the full time result might look like this:

Stoke, 21/20
Draw, 13/5
Swansea, 14/5

If you decided to bet £100 on Stoke City, for instance, you would be look at a total profit of £105 if they managed to win at home.

Double Chance

This is when you pick two possible outcomes for the match - if either one of them comes to fruition, you will win.

So, the line for "Stoke or Draw" might look like this:

Stoke or Draw, 2/7

If Stoke City wins or plays to a draw, you will win. The only outcome in which you would lose your bet is if Swansea won the match. Obviously, since you are picking up an additional outcome, the odds to win aren't as enticing compared to the "full time result" odds.

Correct Score

This one is self-explanatory - you need to correctly guess the score of the match. So, if the odds for a 0-0 draw are 10/1 and you put £100 down on this outcome, you would look to clear £1,000 in profit if the game ended up a scoreless draw.

Half Time/Full Time

What will be the status of the match after half-time AND after full-time? This is the half time/full time line.

So, if you think that Stoke City will be leading after half time AND at the end of the game, you would want to select the "Stoke City - Stoke City" line that pays out at 9/4.

Goals Over/Under

This is fairly self-explanatory. If the line looks like this:

Goals Over 2.5, 17/20
Goals Under 2.5, 19/20

If you think that the game will be a high scoring affair, you will obviously want to take the over 2.5 goals line. If not, take the under.


These are the most popular betting options when it comes to English Premier League games. In addition, you can also wager on if you think that a player will score, if they will score more than one goal, how many corner kicks there will be over the course of the game, if one team will hold the other to a clean sheet, etc. There are literally hundreds of different betting lines that are available to people who want to bet on Premiership games.


In addition, you can also place bets based on what will happen over the course of an entire season.

For instance, you can bet on Manchester City to win the EPL title, or you can bet on them finishing in the top four, or you can even bet on them to be relegated.

You can wager on who you will think will end up as the leading scorer in the lead, which team will allow the fewest goals and which manager will be sacked first.

If you really want to bet on something and the sports book doesn't offer odds, there is a good chance that they will offer you a line if you email them. Sports books obviously want you in the action, and they are incredibly accommodating.


Speaking of in-play betting, sports books will also offer this feature on Premiership games. In-play betting is when you can bet on a match after it has already started - with each passing second, the odds will change, meaning that you will never be locked out of the action if you happen to be too late to place a wager before kick-off.

As you have seen above, there are many options available to a person who wants to bet on the English Premier League. My biggest pieces of advice - take advantage of the initial deposit bonuses that are offered to you, and familiarize yourself with the different wagers that are offered.