Definition of Velcro Touch

What is the meaning of velcro touch in the game of soccer?

Velcro touch is an expression used to describe a situation when a player receives the ball from a high flying pass or a bounce and he/she skillfully 'tames' it with the first touch. From the spectator angle it almost seems as the player has velcro in their shoes in the way the ball just sticks to their body.

The player successfully entraps the ball with perfect first touch control - Velcro Touch - Sports definition and meaning - Soccer / Football.

Velcro touch is essentially first touch control, and it happens to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye if done properly. Some masters of the velcro touch from the past include Ronaldinho, Dennis Bergkamp and Zinedine Zidane.

When a player perfectly entraps a ball coming from high up in the air with the first touch, he/she is said to have the velcro touch.