Definition of Vancouver Canucks Betting

Where is the best place to bet on the Vancouver Canucks? How can I go about betting on the Canucks, and what are the different types of wagers that I can make?

The Vancouver Canucks have been playing in the NHL since 1970.

Since that time, the Canucks have been to the finals a total of three times, though they have never managed to win the Stanley Cup.

The Canucks are one of the most popular Canadian franchises, and they attract a large amount of the hockey bets that originate in Canada.


The King explains how betting on the Vancouver Canucks is done.  What are Puck and Money Lines?When it comes to betting on the Canucks, the three most popular types of bets are:

Puck Line
Money Line

With the puck line, you are getting or giving 1.5 goals, depending on whether or not the Canucks are the favourites to win.

Let's say that the Canucks are hosting the Nashville Predators and are the favourites to win. The puck line might look like this:

Vancouver Canucks, -1.5, 2.45
Nashville Predators, +1.5, 1.60

So, in this case, if you wanted to bet on the Canucks on the puck line, they'd have to win by at least 2 goals for you to win your bet.

If they did win by say, a score of 4-2, you would realize a 145% return on your wager. This is how the puck line works.

With the total, you are betting on whether or not the game goes over or stays under a total that the sportsbook sets.

So, the total for the Canucks/Predators game might look like this:

Over 5.5 Goals, 1.83
Under 5.5 Goals, 1.83

So, if you think that the game will be a free-wheeling, high-scoring affair, you'd want to take the Over 5.5 Goal line.

Lastly, the other popular type of wager for Canucks betting is the money line.

With this line, you are simply betting on which team you think will win the game. So, the line might look like this:

Nashville Predators, 2.50
Vancouver Canucks, 1.65


There are many other types of wagers that you can put down on the Canucks as well - here is a small sampling:

Alternative Puck Line 2-Way
Asian Goal Line
Correct Score


In addition, most sportsbooks offer in-play betting, so even if you miss the start of the Canucks game, you can put down a wager after the start of the game.

In this case, the odds will adjust as the game goes on.

So, if the Canucks fall behind 1-0 early, you might want to bet on them coming back to win.

In this case, you'd get some very strong odds, as the sportsbook would adjust the odds based on the Canucks being down in the game.


In this day and age, sportsbooks offer betting on practically every facet of the game. This extends to player props.

If you think that J.T. Miller is likely to score a goal in the contest, you can bet on that.

If you think that Quinn Hughes is going to notch an assist, you can bet on that.

If you think that Thatcher Demko is going to post a shutout, you can bet on that as well.