Definition of Utility Player (Baseball)

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What does the term "utility player" mean in the world of baseball? What is meant by the term "utility player"?

In the game of baseball, a "utility player" is somebody who can play multiple positions.

The meaning of the term Utility Player is explained when it comes to the sport of baseball.  In photo:  About to bat.The "utility player" is very valuable to a team, as they can take over at different positions in the event of injury or a key player needing rest.

For instance - a "utility player" might be able to play first base, catcher and in the outfield, and they can do all of these things well enough so that they don't hurt the team.


In "real life", a utility player is somebody that can fill multiple positions at their place of work.

For instance, someone that is considered to be a utility player might be able to give presentations, develop advertising proposals, deal with clients on the phone and work on sales pitches.

This person would be considered a "utility player", as they can do multiple things and fill multiple roles.

For obvious reasons, this person would be very valuable to a company.