Definition of Tush Push

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What does the term "tush push" mean in the world of football? What is meant by the "Tush Push" or "Brotherly Shove"?

The "tush push" is a term coined to describe the nearly unstoppable short yardage play that is consistently run by the Philadelphia Eagles.

The King explains the meaning of the American football term Tush Push.  Especially when it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles team pictured in the photo.With the "Tush Push", Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts gets the ball and drives low, while two of his teammates push him from behind.

Hurt has tremendous lower body strength, and with his low center of quality, coupled with two strong teammates pushing him from behind, the play is practically unstoppable and gives the Eagles a big edge in short yardage situations.

It also doesn't hurt that Hurts is driving behind Jason Kelce, who is one of the best centers in the NFL.


There is nothing in the rules that can stop the "Tush Push", though many people are not happy about it, and there seems to be a movement to get the play banned.

Players on the Eagles and their fans have the same response to people wanting to ban the play - everyone is allowed to do it, and don't hate us because we do it better than anybody else.

Some argue that the Tush Push is dangerous and not a legitimate NFL play - others say that the Eagles are simply following the rules and other teams are more than welcome to try it.