Definition of Triple Double

What does the term "triple double" mean in the world of basketball? What is meant by the term "triple double"?

In basketball, a "triple double" occurs when a player records a double-digit number in three of these five categories:

The King explains the meaning of the term Triple Double when it comes to the sport of basketball.1. Points
2. Rebounds
3. Assists
4. Steals
5. Blocked Shots

By far, the most common type of triple double occurs when a player gets double-digit numbers of points, rebounds and assists. Steals and blocked shots are much rarer in the NBA, and therefore are included in a much lower number of triple doubles.


A triple double is a fairly rare feat - there are usually about 120 triple doubles per year in the NBA.

The number of triple doubles has soared over the years - from 1991-92 to 2014-15, there were roughly 35 triple doubles per year, and in recent years, this number has increased to well over 100.

Russell Westbrook is one of the most profilic acquirer of triple doubles, as he recorded 101 over a three-year stretch.


It is difficult to acquire triple doubles as profilic scorers tend to grab less rebounds and/or assists, while play-makers (point guards, etc) tend to have more assists and less rebounds, as they don't play in the paint that much.

The surge in big men who can shoot and pass well has contributed to the rising growth of triple doubles.