Definition of Trifecta

What is the definition of the term "trifecta" as it applies to the world of sports betting? What is meant by a "trifecta"?

In horse racing, a "trifecta" is when you attempt to pick the top three horses in any race in the correct order.

Definition of the sports betting term Trifecta.  What does it mean when it comes to horse racing.So - let's say that you believe that "Naty" is going to win a race, "Liquid Blue" is going to come in second place and "Bermuda Triangle" is going to finish in third.

If you are feeling like you are in a gambling mood, you could bet on the "trifecta".

The odds for winning "trifectas" can be absolutely massive, especially if you choose horses to win that have very long odds.

For instance - at the 2017 Kentucky Derby, a 33/1 horse finished in second place, while a 40/1 horse finished in third.

The lucky owners of $1 trifecta tickets received payouts of $8,297.20, which was a staggering return for a $1 wager.

As you likely figured, the better chance that a horse has of winning a race, the smaller the potential trifecta payout.