Definition of Total Corners

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What does the term "total corners" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "total corners"?

"Total corners" is a popular betting line when it comes to betting on football. People love to bet on the total number of corner kicks that there will be in a match, and the "total corners" line allows you to bet on any number of outcomes.

The King explains the betting term Total Corners, when it comes to the game of football / soccer.  What type of a wager is this?Let's look at an example of a "total corners" line for a match between Crystal Palace and Liverpool:

Total Corners

Under 6, 13.00
6-8, 3.75
9-11, 2.62
12-14, 3.60
Over 14, 6.50

As you can see, the sportsbook is saying that the likeliest outcome is that Crystal Palace and Liverpool will combine for somewhere between 9 and 11 corner kicks.

If you believe that the game will be free-flowing without many corner kicks, you could bet on the Under 6 Corners line, which would give you a big payout of 13.00.

If you believe that there will be lots of corner kicks in the match, you could bet the 12-14 or even Over 14 Corners line.


Believe it or not, betting on the number of corner kicks in a game is one of the most popular "alternative" bets for football matches at sportsbooks.

People just love betting on corner kicks.