Definition of Top Online Sportsbook

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What is meant by the term "top online sportsbook"? How does a company get to be considered the "top online sportsbook"?

There are literally hundreds of sportsbooks that are in operation today.

Some are excellent, while others are terrible and should be avoided at all costs.

The considerations for a sportsbook to be considered the Number one.How does a company get to be considered a top online sportsbook?

How does a company distinguish itself from the hundreds of other sportsbooks out there?

Here is a small list of what we look for in a top online sportsbook:

1. Resolution of Issues.

How does a sportsbook resolve a major issue?

Do they seek to resolve things in a fair and even-headed manner, or are they always looking to rule in a way that is to their benefit?

Every sportsbook will deal with major issues over the course of a year. Maybe they accidentally posted incorrect odds. Maybe they didn't pay out on bets when they should have.

How do sportsbooks deal with these types of issues? This is something that we will always watch.

2. Longevity.

Sure, there are some great new sportsbooks out there that deserve your business.

In this industry, however, we like dealing with companies that have been around the block and continue to operate at a very high standard.

We like to deal with sportsbooks that have been operating for 5+ years at the minimum.

3. Quickness of Withdrawals.

Does a sportsbook pay out its customers quickly?

If you withdraw money, is the money in your account in short order, or does your sportsbook always seem to slow-pay you?

Withdrawals are everything - a sportsbook can claim to be the best around, though if they are slow-paying you at every opportunity, they aren't worth your business.

4. Customer Service.

Does the sportsbook answer questions in a quick and thorough fashion?

Do they offer multiple languages in which they communicate with customers?

Do they offer multiple points of contact?

5. Bonuses.

Let's be real - it's tough for a sportsbook to be considered the top in the industry if they don't offer very competitive bonuses to their customers.

Does your sportsbook offer a competitive initial sign-up bonus? Do they offer reload bonuses or other special promotions?


These five things need to be in order if you want to consider a sportsbook as being one of the best in the industry.