Definition of Top Goalscorer

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What does the term "top goalscorer" mean in the world of sports betting, more specifically football betting? What is meant by the term "top goalscorer"?

Most sportsbooks will offer "top goalscorer" lines before and during any major football tournament, including Champions League and the World Cup.

In photo: Karim Benzema wearing the France jersey.  The meaning of Top Goalscorer Odds betting term is explained.The "top goalscorer" line is simple - you are betting on which player you think will score the most goals over the course of a tournament.

There are multiple layers to betting on this line - you need to figure out which player can potentially score the most goals for a side, plus you need to figure out which team is likely to go the farthest in a tournament.

For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo will likely score a good deal of goals in the World Cup games that he plays in, though will Portugual go all the way to the finals? This is what you need to determine.

A "top goalscorer" line might look like this:

World Cup Top Goalscorer

Harry Kane, 8.00
Kylian Mbappe, 9.00
Cristiano Ronald, 13.00
Karim Benzema, 15.00
Lionel Messi, 15.00


As you can see, there is some potential for large payouts, given that there are so many players that could potentially win the award.