Definition of To Make Cut

What does the term "to make cut" mean in the world of golf betting? What is meant by the term "to make cut"?

The "to make cut" line is very simple - you are simply betting on if a player will "make the cut" in a tournament or not.

What is the meaning of the betting term To Make a Cut when it comes to sports like golf?  In photo:  Tiger Woods.Tournaments will usually utilize a "cut" that is meant to thin the tournament out after 36 holes of play. This makes it easier for tournament organizers to avoid issues with darkness, etc. on the final days of play, when players tend to take more time.

For instance, the Masters will "cut" down to around 50 players after 36 holes of play.

With the "to make cut" line, you are betting on if a player will make the cut or not.

For instance, a line might look like this:

Tiger Woods to Make Cut

Yes, 1.80
No, 2.25

If you believe Tiger Woods will make the cut, you'd want to take him at 1.80.

Otherwise, if you think that he will not be playing his best game, you'd want to take the "no" side.