Definition of To Be Relegated

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What does the term "to be relegated" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "to be relegated"?

Punters can bet on if they think a team will be relegated at the end of the current season using the "to be relegated" lines.

In photo:  EPL player dribbling the ball.  The meaning of the betting term To Be Relegated is explained.  How does the bet work?It doesn't matter what position a club finishes in - as long as they are relegated at the end of the year, you will win your wager.

As you can imagine, the clubs that advance into a league like the Premiership usually have the best odds to be relegated at the end of the season.

Here is an example listing of "To Be Relegated" odds for the Premiership:

Luton, 1.30
Sheff Utd, 1.40
Everton, 2.37
Bournemouth, 3.75
Wolverhampton, 4.00
Burnley, 4.00
Nottm Forest, 4.33
Fulham, 5.50
Crystal Palace, 11.00
Brentford, 17.00
West Ham, 21.00
Aston Villa, 101.00
Brighton, 101.00
Tottenham, 151.00
Chelsea, 251.00
Newcastle, 251.00
Man City, 1001.00
Arsenal, 1001.00
Liverpool, 1001.00
Man Utd, 1001.00

As you can see, the weakest clubs (Luton, Sheff Utd) have the best odds to be relegated, as they are both much better than even money to move back down at the end of the year.