Definition of Time of First Goal Brackets

What does the term "time of first goal brackets" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by "time of first goal brackets"?

The "time of first goal brackets" line allows you to bet on which 10 minute bracket of the game will feature the first goal.

The King explains the meaning of the betting term Time of First Goal Brackets.  In photo:  Gareth Bale celebrating a goal in the UEFA Champions League for Real Madrid.For instance - let's say that you think that a goal will be scored early in a match between Manchester United and Chelsea.

If so, you'd want to bet the "1-10" line, meaning that if a goal is scored in the first 10 minute "bracket" of the game, you'd win.

A full "time of first goal brackets" line might look like this:

1-10, 3.25
11-20, 4.00
21-30, 5.50
31-40, 7.00
41-50, 9.00
51-60, 17.00
61-70, 23.00
71-80, 29.00
81-Full Time, 34.00
No Goal, 29.00


So, let's say that you believe that the game will be a close, low-scoring affair, but that one team may break through in the waning minutes of the game to win.

In this case, you'd want to bet the "81-Full Time" line, which pays out at a whopping 34.00.

So, if you wagered £100 on this line and one of the teams scored in the final 10 minutes of the game, you'd see a more than 30x return on your money.