Definition of Tie No Bet

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What does the term "tie no bet" mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by the term "tie no bet"?

The "tie no bet" line is used in sports that feature overtime in regular season games, such as hockey and basketball.

With the "tie no bet" line, your wager will be returned in full to you if the game is tied after regular time.

In photo:  Canucks player in a goal scoring opportunity.  The meaning of the betting term Tie No Bet is explained.  What does it mean?For instance, let's say that there is a NHL game between the Vancouver Canucks and New York Rangers.

The "tie no bet" line might look like this:

Vancouver Canucks, 2.75
New York Rangers, 1.40

So, if you take the Rangers at 1.40 and the game is 3-3 at the end of 60 minutes, you'd receive your original wager back, as it would be deemed as a "no bet".

If the Rangers win the game in regulation, you'd win your bet.


Again - if there is a winner in regulation time, one of the sides in a "tie no bet" wager will pay out.

If not, all of the bets will be returned.