Definition of Teaser Odds

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What does the term "teaser odds" mean in the world of betting? What is meant by the term "teaser odds"?

Teaser bets are very popular in football and basketball betting.

With a traditional teaser bet, you are essentially creating a parlay (two or more games) while shifting the spreads for each game in your favour.

The King explains the meaning of the betting term Teaser Odds - In photo:  New England Patriots cheerleaders in action.For instance - let's say that you choose to do a six-point teaser on two NFL games. Here are the two games that you choose:

New England Patriots +3 vs Denver Broncos, -3
Kansas City Chiefs -4 vs Cincinnati Bengals +4

In both cases you like the underdog.

So, your two-team teaser would look like this:

New England Patriots +9 vs Denver Broncos -9
Kansas City Chiefs -10 vs Cincinnati Bengals +10

So, you are taking the Patriots +9 and the Bengals +10 in your teaser bet.


Now, what would be the teaser odds for this bet?

It depends on the sportsbook.

Most books will price a two-team, 6 point teaser at -140, though it can fluctuate (some books will offer it at -130 or even -120).


Teaser odds, as mentioned, are also very popular with basketball bettors.

With a two-team basketball teaser, you might add 5 points to both of your preferred sides.

So, if you liked the Lakers -3 and Knicks +5, your teaser odds would be Lakers +2 and Knicks +10 in a two-team teaser.