Definition of Team To Win Every Quarter

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What does the term "team to win every quarter" mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by the term "team to win every quarter"?

In games that have quarters (American football, basketball), sportsbooks will allow you to beat on if a team will win every single quarter of the game.

The King explains the meaning of the term Team To Win Every Quarter.  What is it when it comes to betting on sports?For instance - let's say that the Buffalo Bills are playing the Chicago Bears.

The "team to win every quarter" line might look like this:

Buffalo Bills

Yes, 12.00
No, 1.12

Chicago Bears

Yes, 30.00
No, 1.02

As you can see, the "Yes" side for both teams is a long shot.

The Buffalo Bills, however, have much better odds of winning every quarter of the game.


So, let's say that the Bills win 28-0, and they score a touchdown in each of the four quarters.

They would win each quarter 7-0, meaning that the "Yes" line would pay off.

Let's say that the Bills win 28-0, but they score 21 points in the first quarter.

In this case, the "No" line would pay, as the Bills would have only won two quarters of the game.

Remember, if the two teams tie in any quarter (let's say that the Bills and Bears both score zero points in the third quarter), the "Yes" side automatically loses.

This is why the odds of the "Yes" side paying off are always so long, as it's very hard for a team to win each of the four quarters of the game.