Definition of Team Shots on Target

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What does the term "team shots on target" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "team shots on target"?

In football betting, the "team shots on target" line allows you to bet on how many shots on target a club will have over the course of a game.

Manchester City player is taking a shot on goal.  The meaning of the term Team Shots on Target is explained, when it comes to sports wagering.For instance - let's say that Manchester City is playing against Newcastle.

Man City's "team shots on target" line might look like this:

6.5 Shots on Target

Over 6.5, 1.90
Under 6.5, 1.90

So, maybe you think that Newcastle is going to be able to stifle Man City's offensive attack, and you think that the Under 6.5 Shots line provides some good value.

You'd want to take the Under.

Or, maybe you feel as though the books are slow to increase a team's shots on target lines, as the club has been getting 7-8 shots on target per game.

In this case, you might see good value in taking the Over 6.5 Shots line.


This is just another way that you can wager on a football game.