Definition of Super Yankee Bet

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What is a "Super Yankee Bet"? What is the definition of a "Super Yankee Bet"?

With the Super Yankee Bet, you will have a total of 26 bets that are based on a total of five different selections.

The workins of the Super Yankee Bet are explained.  What type of a sports bet is it?This differs from the traditional Yankee bet, which is 11 bets (six doubles, four trebles, one fourfold accumulator) that is based on a total of four outcomes.

With the Super Yankee Bet, you will have:

1. Ten Doubles.
2. Ten Trebles.
3. Five fourfold Accumulators.
4. One Fivefold Accumulator.

Each of these 26 bets is treated separately - you can choose a total amount to bet on the ticket, or you can bet a specific amount per selection (say, £5 per selection).

With the Super Yankee Bet, one incorrect selection won't ruin your ticket. The traditional fivefold accumulator, for instance, pays out a higher amount than the Super Yankee Bet, though the fivefold accumulator would lose with one incorrect selection.

The downside to the Super Yankee Bet compared to the fivefold accumulator, however, is that it will pay out a lower amount than a correctly picked traditional fivefold accumulator.