Definition of Straight Bet

What is the definition of the term "straight bet" in the world of sports betting? What does the term "straight bet" mean in sports betting?

The term "straight bet" refers to a simple bet on one outcome.

The meaning of Straight Bet - Definition of - Kings Sports Betting Dictionary - Football IllustrationFor instance - let's say that you really think that the Seattle Seahawks are going to beat the Denver Broncos in the Superbowl. You decide that you are going to bet on the Seahawks winning straight up at -175. This would constitute a "straight bet" - as long as the Seahawks win, you win your bet. There is no "parlay", meaning that you would have to correctly bet on multiple games in order to win your bet. Instead, if the Seahawks beat the Broncos straight up, you will win your bet.


In some jurisdictions (such as Canada, as of the time that this article was written), "straight bets" on sporting events are illegal.

Instead, gamblers are forced to make "parlay bets", meaning that they must bet on more than one event in order to win their bet. This makes it harder to "rig" sporting events, though the result of this policy is that people simply open accounts at offshore sports books instead.