Definition of Stage of Elimination

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What does the term "stage of elimination" mean when it comes to betting on football? What is meant by the term "stage of elimination"?

When the "stage of elimination" bet, you are wagering on when a team will be eliminated (or if they will win outright).

What is Stage of Elimination when it comes to the World Cup of and similar sports tournaments?  In photo:  Qatar footballer handling the ball.For instance, let's look at Qatar's "stage of elimination" odds for the 2022 World Cup.

Now, Qatar isn't expected to do very well, so their "stage of elimination" odds certainly favour them getting eliminated in the group stage.

Their odds look like this:

Group Stage, 1.10
Last 16, 8.00
Quarter-Finals, 34.00
Semi-Finals, 81.00
Runner-up, 126.00
To Win Outright, 251.00

So, if you think that Qatar is going to somehow make it through the group stage but get eliminated in the Round of 16, you'd want to bet on their "Last 16" line at 8.00.


If you think that a team is going to win the tournament outright, you'd want to bet on the "To Win Outright" line.