Definition of Split Decision

What does the term "split decision" mean in the world of combat sports? What is meant by a "split decision"?

Most combat sports (including mixed martial arts and boxing) use a three-judge system. These three judges will score the bouts, and the winner is the fighter who is ahead on the judge's cards at the end of the fight.

The King explains the meaning of the term Split Decision in the sports such as boxing and mixed martial arts.  What are the examples?If two judges think that one person won the fight, while the other judge believes that his opponent won, this results in something that is called a "split decision".

So, let's say that Brock Lesnar is fighting Mark Hunt in a non-title fight. At the end of the three rounds, the judges score it:

29-28 Lesnar
29-28 Hunt
30-27 Lesnar

The judges are "split", as one thinks that Hunt won, while the other two believe that Brock Lesnar won.

Since the fight went to a decision, this means that the outcome is a "split decision".

People commonly complain about the judges in combat sports, and the split decision shows that judges can vary wildly in terms of who they thought won a fight.