Definition of Soccer Substitute Guarantee

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A Soccer Substitute Guarantee serves as a protective betting feature on some betting portals, ensuring bettors receive their wager back in credits if their chosen player is substituted before half-time. This applies to specific soccer markets, including popular bets like First Goalscorer, Last Goalscorer, and Anytime Goalscorer.

The meaning of the Euro football term Soccer Substitute Guarantee is explained.  In photo:  Jose Mourinho substituting a Tottenham Hotspur player Eric Dier.In the case of single bets, a substitution before half-time usually results in a return of the wager in form of credits, provided the match's outcome remains undecided. For multiple bets, the affected part of the bet is considered void in the event of an early substitution, yet the remainder of the bet persists, with any subsequent returns issued as credits. The guarantee also extends to Same Game Parlay bets, following the same conditions.

This feature offers a layer of security for bettors, ensuring they don't lose their entire stake if their selected player is unable to complete the first half of the game.