Definition of SGP Plus

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What does the term "SGP Plus" mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by the term "SGP+", "Same Game Parlay Plus" or "SGP Plus"?

A Same Game Parlay is when you include bets from the SAME game on a parlay ticket.

With a Same Game Parlay Plus, you have bets from the same game on a ticket, as well as bets from other games as well, to combine to form one giant parlay ticket - aka the SGP+.


The Sports King explains the meaning of the betting term SGP Plus.  The example used is from the game of basketball.  In photo:  Vintage Los Angeles Lakers.So, for instance, let's say that there are two basketball games that you would like to bet on - the Golden State Warriors vs the Los Angeles Lakers, as well as the Dallas Mavericks vs the Cleveland Cavaliers.

You think that both games will be high-scoring, so you construct a single SGP+ ticket that looks like this:

Steph Curry Over 25.5 Points, -110
LeBron James Over 26.5 Points, -110
Klay Thompson Over 3.5 Threes, -110


Luka Doncic Over 30.5 Points, -110
Donovan Mitchell Over 27.5 Points, -110

So, you have basically constructed two Same Game Parlays to form a SGP+ ticket.


You would need to get all of these bets right in order for the ticket to win, though the payoff would be very big, which is the allure of the Same Game Parlay Plus tickets.

For instance, in this ticket listed above, a successful $100 wager would yield a total return of $2,476.10.


You can create some absolutely outrageous tickets with the Same Game Parlay Plus.