Definition of SGP

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What does the term "SGP" mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by the "SGP"?

In sports betting, the term "SGP" refers to the "Same Game Parlay".

In photo: Denver Broncos player with the ball.  The meaning of the term SGP is explained.  Same Game Parlay.There was a time when sportsbooks would absolutely not allow you to do a parlay that involved outcomes from the same game. If you tried, they would block it.

One of the newer innovations over the past couple of years in the sports betting industry is the "Same Game Parlay", which allows you to select outcomes from the same contest to include in a parlay.

For instance, let's say that you want to bet a Same Game Parlay that looks like this:

Russell Wilson Over 268.5 Passing Yards
Javonte Williams Over 29.5 Receiving Yards
Denver Broncos -3.5

Now, in the past, this wouldn't have been allowed, as all of these outcomes involve the same contest - the Denver Broncos vs the Dallas Cowboys.

Now, you can include all of these in a "Same Game Parlay".

If you guess all of these outcomes correctly, you could win a nice payday.


Same Game Parlays, or SGPs, have become very popular with bettors over the past couple of years, as they offer the possibility for very large parlay payoffs from just one single contest.