Definition of Set Betting

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What is the definition of the term set betting as it applies to the world of tennis betting? What does the term
"set betting" mean?

In the sports betting world, "set betting" is when you try to guess not only the winner of a tennis match, but what the final result in sets will be.

For instance - Santiago Giraldo is playing Albert Montanes at the ATP Auckland. Here is the current “set betting” line:

Definition of Set Betting - Sports Dictionary - TennisSantiago Giraldo to win 2-0, 4/6
Santiago Giraldo to win 2-1, 11/4
Albert Montanes to win 2-0, 11/2
Albert Montanes to win 2-1, 13/2

As you can see, there is a line for every possible outcome of this best 2-out-of-3 set match.

If you feel like Giraldo is going to win in a closely contested battle, you will want to take the "Santiago Giraldo to win 2-1" line, as it is paying out at 11/4.

This is "set betting".