Definition of Senyera Kit

What is the Senyera Kit in the game of football?

The Senyera kit was Barcelona FC's second kit in the 2013/14 season.

The kit is based on 'la Senyera', the flag which represents the Spanish region of Catalonia. The flag, as well as the jersey design, consist of four red stripes over a golden background.

Barcelona FC Senyera kit, team logo and the Catalan flag

The Senyera kit is the most commercially successful away shirt in Barcelona FC's history.

The yellow and red kit most recently grabbed the headlines leading up to the 2014/15 season La Liga match vs. Athletic Bilbao, when Barcelona FC were to wear it at home for the first time in their 115 year history, only days after the National Day of Catalonia.

With the Catalan self-determination referendum scheduled for November 9th, 2014, the move by Barcelona FC to wear the Senyera kit was considered by many to be political.

The Senyera is one of the oldest European flags still in use today.