Definition of Scorecast Betting

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What does the term "scorecast betting" mean in the world of sports betting? What is the definition of the term "scorecast betting"?

In sports betting, "scorecast betting" is when you attempt to correctly predict these two things:

Definition of Scorecast Betting - Kings Sports Dictionarya) the first goal scorer in a match
b) the correct score of a match

For instance - a "scorecast" line for a game between Belgium and Russia at the World Cup might look like this:

Romelu Lukaku To Score First and Belgium to Win 1-0, 15.00

So - if Romelu Lukaku scores the first and only goal of the match and Belgium eventually goes on to win 1-0, you would receive a large return on your bet. A $100 wager on this outcome would yield you a total profit of $1,400.

Of course, correctly guessing BOTH the first goal scorer in a game AND the final result of the game is extremely difficult. Having said that, the odds are definitely very high and can produce some large returns.

This is "Scorecast betting".