Definition of Safety Scored

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What does the term "safety scored" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by "safety scored" when it comes to betting on the NFL or any other football betting?

With the "safety scored" line, you are simply betting on whether or not there will be a safety scored during the game.

The King explains the meaning of Safety Scored in the game of American football.  What is it and when is it awarded?A "safety scored" line might look like this:

Safety Scored

Yes, 11.25
No, 1.055

The odds of the "yes" line paying off are quite long, while the "no" side has a very low payout.

In this case, a successful $100 bet on the "Yes" side would pay out a profit of over $1,000, while a successful "no" bet would pay out a profit of just over $5.


How many safeties are there in the NFL?

Since the beginning of the NFL, there has been roughly 1 safety every 14.25 games.

So, over the course of an average NFL week, there is usually one safety.

The safety is the rarest of plays where points can be scored, so keep that in mind when placing a Safety Scored wager.